Welcome to my website.

This website is a further continuation of agguro.be and will be gradually expanded.

  Unless you are interested in programming in assembly language, you will find this site of no use at all.  If you are interested, you can browse this website for examples made by myself or converted from examples on the internet (mostly 32 bits examples converted to 64 bits) for Linux (nasm), Windows (masm) and Mac OSX (nasm).  I even tried to write small tutorials for the absolute beginners to start setting up a program environment.

  If you should have difficulties assembling and linking the code, if you've encountered an error or even better if you have a better coding example,  feel free to contact me.  I try my best to correct, modify and even add code on this website (with your name mentioned of course).

  The examples are also hosted on github.  So for those who like to download the whole bunch in one single operation instead of copy and paste code, go to github.  For beginners I suggest to read the code and to try understanding what the programs actually do. Also this code is far from optimized.  Those guys who like to optimize for speed or size I refer to Agner Fog's website and read the pdf files provided there.

  If you bookmark pages from this website, keep in mind that this website is under permanent construction.  I will try to keep the structure as it is now but don't promise that I will never change articles from place.  I am no web designer, I hate html (that's why I use a cms for my website).

A special note for students: Use this websites examples as you like.  Feel free to contact me if you should have questions but don't expect that I will do homework for you.

I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to use the code as you like.  All Linux code is under GPL, for Mac OSX and Windows I refer to the licenses applicable for those operating systems.  The examples aren't made for commercial use and made with legal software so I don't expect problems at all otherwise leave me a message and I adjust whatever needed for not running into problems.